Ruby’s Jamaican Kitchen

What an incredible decade this has been! To us, Ruby’s stands proudly as a true testament of the three main ingredients that has blessed us all these years: unshakeable FAITH, loving FAMILY and loyal and supportive FRIENDS, like you!

Scroll through our RJK Photo Journal!

Welcome to Ruby's Jamaican Restaurant!

Here's our photo journal to RJK Journey

This is where it all started... catering from Ruby's home.

It didn't take long for business to grow by word of mouth!

Every order taken is prepped, cooked and packaged meticulously with care.

Delivery rush as the business grows faster!

Do we dare think it? Open a restaurant?

Tough decision, but it's Ruby's dream, too!

The catering and cooking continues... Sizzling Escovitch!

The magic of aromatics!

Discovering a diamond in the rough in the heart of Alexandria!

The beginnings of the interior construction phase...

Windows are replaced..

... and now preparing for sidings installation.

The interior is starting to take shape!

And here in the backyard...

a wall was built.

Time to add lighting, color and texture.

Reclaimed wood to capture the rustic charm of Jamaica.

Our guests' future seating area once we are allowed to serve you.

The appliances are finally in!

Check out our kitchen!

First draft of Ruby's Jamaican Kitchen Logo, designed by our very own Courtney Ann!

Ruby's Jamaican Kitchen Menu sign

Front counter area

And our garden completes the touch to make our restaurant your second home!

Coming Soon Sign - We can't wait to see you!

Opening Date: Friday, July 10, 2020