Ruby’s Jamaican Kitchen Menu


All meals are served with rice and peas or white rice, stewed cabbage and plantains.
And if you prefer other sides, we customize!
OR order without sides!*

Jamaica’s Specialties

RJK Jamaican Fruit Cake $5.75/Slice
Ask us for whole cake price
RJK Jerk Sauce $9.99/Bottle
RJK Jerk Sauce $1.00/Packet
RJK Pepper Sauce $1.00/Packet
Ackee & Saltfish $19.25 (Only on Saturdays)
Ackee is Jamaica’s National Fruit. Try it!!!

Jamaican Patties

Beef Patty 2 for $6.00
Chicken Patty 2 for $6.00
Vegetable Patty 2 for $7.00
Coco Bread $2.75


Jerk Chicken Salad $12.96
Jerk Salmon Salad $14.98
Jerk Shrimp Salad $14.98


Jerk Chicken Wrap $8.96
Jerk Salmon Wrap $12.00Jerk Shrimp Wrap $12.00Curry Shrimp Wrap$11.00Curry Salmon Wrap $11.00Curry Salmon Wrap $11.00


$10.50 Lunch / 14.99 Dinner

Jerk Chicken
Curry Chicken
Friccasse/Brown Stew Chicken
BBQ Jerk Chicken


Oxtail $12.25/ $19.99
Curry Goat $11.25/ $17.00
BBQ Jerk Ribs $17.00 (Only on dinner Fridays & Saturdays)


Curry Salmon $12.25 / $18.25
Curry Shrimp $12.25 / $18.25
Jerk Salmon $12.25 / $18.25
Jerk Shrimp $12.25 / $18.25
Escovitch Fish Salmon Market Price
Escovitch Fish Snapper Market Price
Steamed Fish Snapper Market Price
Brown Stew Snapper Market Price


Small $4.75 / Large $6.99

Collard Greens
Fried Plantains
Johnny Cakes (Fried Dumplings)**
Macaroni & Cheese
Mixed Vegetables
Rice & Peas
Yam, Banana & Dumplings**


Chicken Soup $10.50
Mannish Water Soup $12.50
Red Peas Soup $11.00


RJK Sorrel $4.75
RJK Ginger Beer $4.25
D&G Assorted Sodas $2.50
Grace Assorted Fruit Drinks $3.25
Ting $2.75
Assorted Canned Sodas $1.25
Assorted Bottled Sodas $2.25Bottled Water $1.50

** These menu items are subject to availability.
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